Restrictions Update 9/12

Updated: Oct 17

Locker Room

*Will be open during large events or when all rooms have sold out. Temporarily.

  • Restrictions apply

  • Social distancing

  • Facemask

  • No Groups

  • Occupancy Limit

Video Room/Play Room OPEN 9/12 (Restrictions Apply)
  • *Limited seating*

  • *Occupancy Limit*

  • *Social Distancing*

  • *Facemask*

  • *No Groups*

Sauna OPEN (Restrictions apply)
  • *Occupancy Limit 2*

  • *Time Limit 20 min*

  • *Social Distancing*

  • *Facemask*

  • *No Groups*

Main Room OPEN (Restrictions apply)
  • *Occupancy Limits*

  • *Limited seating*

  • *No Arcade/Games*

  • *No Groups*

  • *Social Distancing*

  • *Facemask*

  • *No Charging Base*

Front Desk Notice

Laundry Window

The Laundry drop off window is open again please bring dirty laundry to the window located around the corner from front desk just follow the arrows towards the restroom, DO NOT bring laundry to the door it must be kept separate from clean

Remains Closed

Steam Room CLOSED

Public Shower CLOSED

Facility Capacity Limits - Facemask - Social Distancing - No Groups

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these matters. Stay Safe Everyone

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